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Project contractor

ttg team training GmbH

Ulrike Santos, Susanne Haug
Holzmarkt 7
72070 Tübingen

+49 7071 51396


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ttg team training GmbH is an informal provider of adult education and vocational education and training (VET). We are located in the south of Germany in Tübingen and we also have branch offices in different cities around.

ttg offers vocational education and training, ICT, job services, intercultural courses, and general continuing education as well as consulting and coaching. Moreover, we also run trainer programmes, team development programmes and programmes for pupils. In our ICT-Center and Business Center we have about 150 ICT workplaces for learners, who want to improve their ICT competences.

Target groups and partnerships: Participants include men and women, job seekers, immigrants, young and older people. Trainers, consultants and employees of other adult education providers participate in activities and projects. We have been carrying out cooperative projects on a local, national and transnational level: ttg has built a wide regional network by initiating and coordinating projects concerning, for example, marketing strategies and quality management (supported by the ESF).

ttg has memberships in local and regional initiatives and working committees with high dissemination potential and valorisation can be based on work with partners and their networks in 14 EU countries.

By joining in and guiding projects at a European level, ttg team training has developed a European wide profile and improved its intercultural competence. It has taken the challenge of posing questions like “What is Europe for us?” and “What does a European perspective include for our work, our organisation and the people working for us?” ttg has been part of and has been coordinating several Grundtvig LLL projects during the last years dealing with topics such as marketing competences, strategic perspectives, business startups and culture traditions and intends to further broaden its transnational activities.

Europeace Youth Ltd

Brian De Lord and Laida Quijano

7 East Churchfield Road
W3 7LL
UK-United Kingdom


0203 084 6283/07920 428 608 (Brian) 07816 224 494 (Laida)


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Our Purpose:

  • To provide integrated (therapeutic, lifelong learning and progression/employability) services to the most vulnerable youth and young adults in a variety of settings across Europe.
  • To prepare and train staff to work in and develop these services
  • To build the capacity of local professional & community networks to sustain the development of these services.
  • To build an epistemic culture within & between organisations
  • To actively research & develop new, innovative & effective ways of delivering services to this target group
  • To ensure that education and developmental inclusion are accessible to all

Our history:

  • Headed up by the former Chief Executive Officer of Pupil Parent Partnership, Brian De Lord
  • Developing the learning from working in Europe and concentrating on providing a bespoke service to Schools, Post-16 Colleges and Vocational Centres, Refugees and New Arrivals, Young Offenders and Youth Offending Institutes, NEETs, Prisoners, the Long-term Unemployed, Fostering & Adoption Services and Local & National Education/ Health/Social services departments
  • Innovating the Europeace Framework and applying it in a Europe-wide environment.
  • Brian De Lord has 40 years experience of working with vulnerable young people with very complex needs in a variety of environments, formal and informal, as well as a 10 year experience of leading and partnering on Lifelong Learning projects as well as other major European Commission funded work.
  • Europeace Youth is therefore able to draw upon a wealth of experienced workers in-house as well as a broad National and International Network.

Areas of work:

Based in London and working throughout England & Wales (more than 10 Local Authority Areas) as well as partnerships worldwide including: Spain, France, Slovakia, Greece, Belgium, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Netherlands, Estonia, Luxembourg, and Bulgaria.

Mission statement:

The advancement of education, and the relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.               

Specific Objectives

  • To identify and assess the emotional & educational needs of the client-group.
  • To provide a coherent and effective response to these needs
  • To orchestrate the partnership response, particularly, in terms of progression of the client
  • To build social capital into the supporting environment, ensuring sustainability

Activities which will be undertaken by the Organisation

  • Education/Training
  • Disability
  • Prevention or relief of poverty
  • Arts/Culture/Heritage/Science
  • Amateur sport
  • Economic/Community Development/Employment
  • Human Rights/Religious or Racial Harmony/Equality or Diversity
  • Recreation

Categories which will be assisted by the organisation:

  • Children/Young People
  • People with disabilities
  • Other Charities or voluntary bodies
  • General public/mankind

How the organisation will operate:

  • Provides Services
  • Provides Advocacy/Advice/Information
  • Sponsors or undertakes research
  • Provides human resources
  • Acts as an umbrella or resource body

Telsiai Adult School

S. Daukanto g. 17 l



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Telšiai Adult School is an educational institution that provides qualitative formal and informal education for adults who want to be accepted in the changing labor market and to become more active in the society. Institution offers various forms of formal learning for persons who want to gain basic or secondary education in spite their social background and living environment. Pedagogues who work at this school make the conditions for students for easy communication, help them to create and participate in the cultural activities. School‘s community prepares various learning/teaching programmes, applies different learning/teaching methods in order to help students to develop independent learning and information management skills.

A person often completes one of his basic needs – self expression – by joining the work sphere. This is why career guidance becomes one of the most important parts of education. It‘s main purpose is helping to choose a career path despite student’s age, sex, social status or exclusion. Recently, career guidance system is being applied at schools. Career guidance coordinator covers information, counseling and guidance services helping persons in different age categories to choose their own pursuits in the area of education, training and employment and to undertake an active role in the development of their own professional career.

Our school lacks unified career guidance system as much as most of Lithuania’s secondary schools and VET’s. We also lack modern career guidance methods and means. TSM hopes to improve competence of teachers, share good experience with other countries and fill existing gaps in career guidance practice by participating in this project.

Direccion General de Inmigracion
de la Consejeria de Asuntos Sociales
de la Communidad de Madrid (Espana)

Gonzalo Ortiz Lazaro, Molina Mariasunción Ventura

C/ Los Madrazo, 34
Comunidad De Madrid

+34- 91 720 65 67
asuncion.molina @



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The GDI is responsible for the design, development, planning, management, implementation and evaluation of immigration policies, which are part of the powers of the Community of Madrid on immigration. Its main purpose is to manage the development of plans and programs derived from Regional Government policies.

The regional government has started to develop activities to ensure the reception, information, guidance, advice and training for immigrants, so they can access themselves to all services and aid recognized by law (with special attention to the most vulnerable), in order to achieve full integration of immigrants as citizens living in the European Union. GDI is responsible for developing and coordinating the implementation of public policies on immigration for labor market integration, including promotion and employment training and awareness and training to the general public to combat inequality, racism and xenophobia.

Carinthian International Club

Dr. Franz-Palla-Gasse 21



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The Carinthian International Club (CIC) is a non-profit organization comprised of 26 member companies and more than 400 individual members.

Its goal is to support the successful social integration of qualified foreign employees working for companies and training institutions located throughout Carinthia.

It seeks to accomplish its goal by giving these men and women the feeling that they’re not just working in Carinthia, but that they and their families are welcome there.

CIC therefore provides its members with…

  • information about life and work in Carinthia
    e.g., Welcome Package & 1-to-1 Consultations
  • networking opportunities
    e.g., Coffee Morning & Evening Networking Sessions
  • support services for families
    e.g., Playgroup & Summertime Childcare Program

Regarding the latter, CIC has played a pivotal role in the establishment of the first private, denominational international day school in Carinthia. The International School of Carinthia (ISC) is scheduled to open its doors to young learners from around the world in September 2013. Over the next eight years, it will expand its curriculum to cover grades 1 – 12.

Additionally, CIC has recently collaborated with area businesses and training institutions to develop an HRM tool called the Diversity Compass. This modular in-company training can be used by managers to promote cross-cultural understanding in the workplace and thereby enhance team and organizational performance.

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